Painting from the last night of WIN Conference for sale!


This painting was painted as a part of the worship on the final night of WIN Conference, so it is not only a beautiful piece of artwork for your church foyer or office, but it has a great story. The current bid for this work is $500. If you are interested, place a bid by midnight 30th November to purchase this artwork. We will ship the painting to the buyer free of charge. All funds raised will go to CRC Missions.

The artwork is titled ‘Freedom to Reign’ and is described as ‘The Lord Has given this church/community a new freedom to extend its vision for the community. He will bring the church to a new level of breakthrough upon the diversity of this community. he embraces diversity and will us the diversity of this church community to reach out to people of the city, bringing love, liberty and transformation! Hos Holy Spirit (gold) will reach out to the church through healings, signs and wonders! A new breakthrough is coming and He will prepare the church for this new season with renewal of hearts and visions!! be free and reign with the Lord!’