Verity Christian College

I would like to write to express my absolute joy and awe of our Almighty God in the receival of our Initial Registration Certification from NESA (NSW Department of Education) for our brand new school named Verity Christian College.

It has been an amazing journey which would normally be over a 12 – 18 month period but was accomplished in just 8 months thanks to a great team of committed people who ran with a vision to establish an alternative educational facility for our city of Griffith. It is also a great honour to partner with Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne who were, and continue to be, an enormous source of wisdom, resource and encouragement. Mr Jacob Mathews, Emanuele Cicchiello and Ps Phil Cayzer were a great help every step of the way in seeing our vision become a reality.

The vision began around 10 years ago and after a few false starts we see that God’s timing is perfect. There is great concern in NSW in regards to the education of our children and the tendency to introduce curriculum that moves away from our foundational beliefs as a Christian. In speaking with many parents across our region they are relieved to have a Christian school to be able to send their children in the knowledge that we will partner with them to teach the child the way they should go so that when they grow older they will not depart from their path.

Verity Christian College / LifeSource Church is honoured to partner with Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne / Turning Point Church in seeing the vision of CRC Churches International in promoting Christian Education. The work doesn’t stop now though as we move forward in setting up classrooms, enrol students, employ staff and get ready for our initial intake for classes to begin in February 2018. We have an initial capacity for 60 students ranging from Kindergarten (Prep in some states) through to Year Six using our current facility of the church Sunday School rooms. Our desire is to have at least 40 students which allows us to grow without too much pressure into 2019.

My encouragement to any pastor contemplating setting up a school is to go for it; God will provide. The paperwork can be quite daunting but don’t let that put you off; find yourself a team of people who believe in the vision and have the passion to see the education of our children as a priority. Many CRC churches are running a school so find one that fits the model of school you want to establish and pick their brains. It is possible because we serve a big God.

The photos are of our advertising sign asking for expression of interest and the other is the new Sports Equipment Shed / Bus Carport and Sensory Garden as part of a Work for the Dole project.

Ps Rodney Bortolin

Executive Pastor | Service

LifeSource Church