CRC Victoria latest Competency And Credential Forms (Below) specifically for our State


Credential – Normal Prerequisites KeyTrainee – Trainee competencies, Specialist Minister – Trainee & Minister Competencies, Minister – Trainee & Minister Competencies, Affiliate Minister – Selected Trainee & Minister Competencies, National Minister – Trainee & Minister & National Minister Competencies

Competency Downloads
1. Trainee Minister .. Aus Specialist
2. State Minister
3. National Minister
4. Affiliated Minister
5. Competency Coach Manual
6. Competency Coach 6 Month Report Template



Click to View or Download.Church Delegate Kit (for those delegates without a credential)Credential Application Kits as follows:

1.  Trainee & Specialist Application Kit

2.  Minister Application Kit

3.  Nominate a Minister for Invitation to National Minister training

4.  National Minister Application Kit

5.  Affiliated Other Movement Transfer or Aussie Overseas Minister  Kit

6.  Read Vows before Applying 

7. Victorian Credential Process Track in Words

8. Victorian Flow Chart of the Credential Process

9. Ministry Guidelines

10. Women in ministry

11. Discipline and Restoration of Ministers



  • First Credential Application Referee Form

DOWNLOAD and fill out by hand

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