This document covers a wide range of information needed to be a minister in CRC Churches International Australia.

CLICK HERE to download the whole document (around 320 pages) or use the links below to download sections.

  1. Form to fill in to update personal and contact details on the CRC database and directory (updated April 2018) Link to online form for submission of personal details
  2. Specifications for use of the logo of CRC Churches International (updated May 2015)
  3. CRC Website (updated May 2015)
  4. CRC Declaration of Faith (added April 2018)
  5. Charter of CRC Churches International (updated September 2010)
  6. CRC National Constitution (updated October 2015)
  7. Current CRC State Council Constitutions (updated October 2015)
  8. Ministry Guidelines (updated April 2017)
  9. Credentialing Pathway diagram (updated April 2017)
  10. Salary Guidelines for CRC Churches International (email Peter Gillard for the most recent salary calculations which are updated every 2 years) (updated April 2017 – calculations last updated October 2016)
  11. Statement on Sexual Harassment (updated April 2017)
  12. Women in Ministry Guidelines (added March 1997)
  13. Guidelines on the question of Discipline and Restoration of Ministers (updated June 2017)
  14. A Statement on Divorce and Remarriage in relation to Ministerial Credentialing in the CRC (updated May 2017)
  15. Duty of Care and Child Protection Guidelines (added October 2014)
  16. Three steps to CRC Credentialed Minister Duty of Care Compliance (updated August 2019)
  17. The Role and Authority of Senior Ministers and Church Eldership Boards (added May 2003)
  18. CRC Privacy Guidelines (added May 2003) – another useful document ‘Managing people’s information and data’ (ACNC May 2017)
  19. Local Church Delegate System guidelines (updated April 2018)
  20. Church Delegate Nominee Form (added September 2005) Church Delegate Referee Form (Sept 2005) Letter to State Council – editable Word document (Sept 2005)
  21. Delegate details for CRC Directory form (updated April 2018)
  22. Marriage Rites of the CRC (added May 1997)
  23. CRC Family Church Member Guide (updated April 2018)
  24. Church Affiliation Application (added October 2005)
  25. Code of Ministry Ethics (updated April 2018)
  26. Social Media Guidelines (added November 2016)
  27. Lead Pastor Inauguration Vow (added February 2016)