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A.     Sample Referee Questionnaire

This questionnaire is useful for phone interviews/emailing referees as part of the church’s screening process. It is a helpful tool in determining if an applicant is suitable to work with /have access to children or young people as part of your church ministries/programs.

B.    Team Member Application Form

This form should be completed by all staff / volunteers who are applying to work directly or have access to children and youth in a program or ministry of your church. All Team Members should receive official Church Oversight endorsement prior to commencing work or having access to children or youth participants in any of your church’s ministry/program.

C.    Commonwealth of Australia Statute Declaration & List of Authorised Witnesses

Your Church Oversight may choose to ask Team Members (staff & volunteers) who are applying to work with or have access to children / youth as part of your church to sign a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration. This document must be signed by an authorised witness.

D.    U18 Medical Information Form
A medical information form should be completed for each child or young person under 18 involved as a participant in a ministry or program. A specific medical information form must be filled out for each extended activity, e.g., camp, hike, outreach trip.

 E.     Consent to Photograph Form

This form should be completed for each child or young person prior to the use of any photograph, digital image or recording of that child/young person in any publications, multi-media presentations or websites belonging to your church. For all ministries/programs with children or youth participants a Consent to Photograph form should be completed for each child or young person at the beginning of each year (annually).

F.     Sample Annual Off-Site Activity Consent Form

An annual consent form should be completed for each child or young person that could be involved in off-site activities, at the beginning of each year’s program.

G.    Sample Extended Activity Offsite Consent Form

A specific notice & consent form should be completed by participants before any extended off-site activities such as camps or trips. Each extended activity offsite notice & consent form should be adapted to include information for Parents/Carers about the activity, date, time the activity commences and concludes, transport arrangements, pick-up and drop-off information, emergency contact information, supervision and permission to seek medical attention if required.

H.    Accident & Incident Report Form

This form should to be completed and handed into a Ministry Leader if:

  • An accident occurs requiring the injured party to see a medical practitioner or first aid personnel.
  • An incident occurs that may require an appropriate response from your local Leadership Team, such as physical safety issues, Team Leader or Team Member conduct or inadequate procedures.

 I.      First Aid Treatment Form

Administration of first aid should only be carried out by a person with a current First Aid Certificate; a medical doctor or a registered nurse. If no suitably trained person is available to administer first aid, outside medical treatment should be sought and in the case of an emergency, an ambulance called. The purpose of this form is to record each and every first aid treatment administered at your church.

J.        Driver Declaration Form

Any person designated to transport under 18 participants as part of a ministry program at your church should be required to complete this form. This will allow your church to document that Team Leaders have exercised reasonable care in asking responsible adult drivers to undertake the transportation of participants and ensure designated drivers understand what is required of them.

K.    Sample Emergency Contact Details Sheet 

L.     Sample Sign in / Sign Out Sheet (for Children’s Ministry Program)

 M.    Sample Critical Incident Details Form

N.    Sample Driver & Vehicle Registration Summary

 O.    Team Member (18+) Medical Information Form

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 Q.    References