A Five Part discussion with Ian Miller and Richie Seltzer (Evangelist and Founding Pastor of Imagine Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Stream online from this website or download for use in any local context.

A wonderful tool to increase the effectiveness of individual evangelism in your church family.

EMPOWERED EVANGELISM 1 – Finding and Releasing Evangelists in the Local Church (8 mins)

The video is only a little over 8 minutes long. Feel free to use it any way you wish. (Ian)

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EMPOWERED EVANGELISM 2 – Reaching Our Friends and Family (9 mins)

This video is a little over 9 minutes. I found it particularly encouraging because it gives practical advice on how to take your witness to the next level with those who are nearest and dearest to you. Anyone could do it. (Ian)

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EMPOWERED EVANGELISM 3 – Relationship between Senior Pastor and Evangelist (7 1/2 mins)

The video is about 7 ½ minutes long and explores the roles of all the fivefold ministries and how they relate to the Great Commission. (Ian)

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EMPOWERED EVANGELISM 4 – The Role of the Local Church (14 mins)

This video powerfully demonstrates how the fellowship of the church has a strongly missional aspect to it. It’s a little longer than the others at just under 14 minutes, but you will be glad you watched it. (Ian)

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EMPOWERED EVANGELISM 5 – Revival and Church Growth (9 1/2 mins)

In under 10 minutes, it brings this particular conversation to a close. In the end, much of what we worry about in church life becomes irrelevant when we become intentionally focussed on the main thing that Jesus is about. Seeking and saving the lost.

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Whole video – with all five interviews in one download

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