with Dr Barry Chant.

The Gospel of Luke is foundational to Pentecostal motivation and ministry. Historically, the writings of John and Paul have been given prominence, but it is Luke who lays a foundation for Pentecostal theology. This exciting and inspirational seminar offers a unique opportunity to focus on Luke’s perspective and understanding of life-giving truths and practices such as —

  • Being baptised in the Holy Spirit
  • The Spirit-filled life
  • The significant role of women as disciples of Jesus
  • Deliverance ministry and the spiritual dimension
  • The immeasurable power of faith
  • The Person of Christ
  • The nature of prayer

Using an exegetical approach, In these four seminar sessions, Dr Barry Chant will unlock insights and perceptions from the writings of Luke. Be prepared for some surprises. Bring your own observations and questions to contribute to what promises to be an inspiring, shared learning experience.

Pre-reading: The Gospel of Luke in its entirety, in different translations. In addition, listen to the Gospel right through from an audio version. Note that the English Standard Version will be used as the basic text in the seminar.