Thu Oct 05, 20:09:53

Last night at PEOPLE POWER – City Shaking … City Taking … City Shaping

Thu Oct 05, 19:51:25

We Call out to dry bones … come alive…come alive!!

Thu Oct 05, 19:11:08

Worship on the final night of PEOPLE POWER – “You will reign for evermore.”

Thu Oct 05, 16:54:10

Pr John Warren with Pr Hans Voortman sharing on church planting in northern England

Thu Oct 05, 16:48:30

Pr Earnest Somanathan with Pr Hans Voortman sharing on the Sri Lanka vision on Thursday afternoon of PEOPLE POWER

Thu Oct 05, 15:17:43

Pr Cass Tompich – empowering women in ministry

Thu Oct 05, 15:16:11

Pr Sally Poyzer – empowering women in ministry

Thu Oct 05, 15:14:18

Pr Norma Cayzer – empowering women in ministry

Thu Oct 05, 13:20:50

Pr Joel Cave after lunch on Thursday at PEOPLE POWER – When Wolves Change Rivers (1 Cor 3:6-11)

Thu Oct 05, 13:15:11

“Then sings my soul my Saviour God to Thee – How Great Thou Art” – underway on the last day of PEOPLE POWER

Wed Oct 04, 20:18:07

Pr Joel Cave speaking on Wednesday night of PEOPLE POWER

Wed Oct 04, 20:16:39

“Let there be light!”

Wed Oct 04, 20:01:18

Ordinations on Wednesday night at PEOPLE POWER Conference

Wed Oct 04, 19:03:11

Wednesday night PEOPLE POWER is underway!

Wed Oct 04, 16:47:16

National Council meeting

Wed Oct 04, 16:21:41

Pr Barry Silverback sharing at PEOPLE POWER

Wed Oct 04, 14:09:07

Pr Trevor Murphy – equipping and releasing church planters

Wed Oct 04, 13:52:09

Pr Bruce Sharman on church planting

Wed Oct 04, 13:23:28

Pr Phil Cayzer – “Our Movement has biblical mandate to plant churches”

Wed Oct 04, 13:08:49

“Who can stop the Lord Almighty” – we are off on PEOPLE POWER Wednesday!

Tue Oct 03, 21:05:14

Tuesday night ministry at PEOPLE POWER

Tue Oct 03, 20:11:24

Pr Jade Lewis speaking on the Tuesday night of PEOPLE POWER

Tue Oct 03, 19:56:22

Honouring CRC Ministers for 30 and 40 years of ministry on Tuesday evening of PEOPLE POWER

Tue Oct 03, 19:27:45

Worship on Tuesday night at PEOPLE POWER

Tue Oct 03, 17:25:09

Pr Ai Wari with Pr Mike Groom sharing on church plant around Port Moresby, PNG

Tue Oct 03, 16:51:04

Peter Hauje sharing about church planting in Manila at the People Power conference

Tue Oct 03, 15:21:51

“It’s rare that an organisation lasts into the Judges generation” – Bill Vasilakis

Tue Oct 03, 14:52:10

National Chairman Bill Vasilakis speaking in the second session on Tuesday at the PEOPLE POWER Conference

Tue Oct 03, 13:18:22

Pr Jade Lewis from Eternity Church, Perth speaking at the opening session of PEOPLE POWER on Tuesday

Mon Oct 02, 21:14:53

Ministry on the opening night of conference- responding to the call of God on their lives!

Mon Oct 02, 20:01:30

National Chairman Pr Bill Vasilakis sharing on the opening night of PEOPLE POWER

Mon Oct 02, 20:01:02

PEOPLE POWER had started!!!

Mon Oct 02, 17:13:51

The People Power Kids Conference team is excited

Mon Oct 02, 17:00:30

The registration team ready for delegates at the People Power Conference

Sat Sep 30, 04:01:03

Not long to go now until CRC people from around the world convene in Adelaide for the PEOPLE POWER conference – exciting!!!

Wed Sep 27, 20:25:30

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