International Report

Within the CRC, both corporately & at a local church level, we are seeing a greater awareness & engagement in missions which is very encouraging to witness.

There are now many differing ministry expressions into Nations which were previously considered to be outside our sphere of influence. The task of reaching our world for Jesus is becoming more tangible and possible in the thinking of our leaders and churches.

However, the face of our present world is changing rapidly and operating in the nations demands a new adaptability and readiness to change in some of our modus operandi. Corporate businesses that operate in this changing world (and particularly in those nations which are undergoing some measure of instability or turmoil) are making the changes necessary for them to successfully pursue their stated objectives.

As a fellowship of National CRC Organisations, we must also respond to the ever changing needs of our world if we are to reach it with the Gospel. We should regularly consider the possibility of making changes and adjusting to the way we do missions in those nations that we are already engaged in to advance what we are commanded in Christ to do.

To presume that the methods or approaches that have proven to be successful in one nation will be the same in another is a wrong assumption. The factors of diversity and timing within a nation (i.e. what is happening within a nation at any given time) must be considered if we are to be successful in reaching our mission objectives.

Also we must be more discerning and ‘alert’ to what opportunities there are for missions in the nations. Often there are ‘hidden’ things, (places, peoples, opportunities) in the nations which are not obvious to a casual observation or to the general public view. These hidden things need to be discovered; they need to be searched out. So that is why we must be proactive in our searching out opportunities and the continued questioning as to what God would have us be engaged with in these things

However we should not take every opportunity that is presented to us, otherwise we may find ourselves engaged in something which is not directly God’s will for us. Simply, we need to be more discerning in these matters than we may have been in the past.

Great opportunities and a Great God must surely result in great exploits for God. What an exciting time to live and what exciting discoveries there are to be made! The future of our movement is as exciting as our faith will make it.

Pastor Barry Silverback
International Missions Director