National Missions

It’s been a privilege for me in the last twelve months to step into the role of Australian Missions.

The International vision of ‘a presence in every nation by 2045’ has major implications for our mission’s involvement and I’m encouraged by the many various missionary projects that our churches are participating in.

According to a survey earlier this year CRC churches are now involved in ministry in 50 nations. Not all of these would be at the level of a physical presence in each nation (i.e. an effective ongoing ministry in the nation) although many of them are, and the remainder are at least a positive step in that direction.

Our International Missions Strategy Team (IMST) has been talking at length about the changing scene of recognising new fields and new policies. As a result, we have come up with several policy initiatives which we believe will help to shape our growing International efforts.

Pulse magazine is now being published quarterly with Katelyn Fowler as the Editor. This is proving to be an effective avenue for communicating what is happening in our various fields around the globe. Pulse is being distributed by email, as well as being published on the website. Hard copies are also available for purchase. For more information, head to

As the next step toward fulfilling our vision, churches will be encouraged to ‘Adopt a Nation’. Information on this will be presented at the Convention.

You can see the Missions Office financial reports elsewhere in this update. I’d like to thank Judi Shirley for the incredible hard work she does in maintaining this area. I’d like to also thank Pastor Mike Groom for his contribution as the former Australian Missions Director. I know that his heart and passion is for missions and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for him.

Finally, if you want any more information on our CRC Missions you can contact the Office at Endeavour Hills or check out the website. Please continue to pray for and support Missions in your local church. It’s so important to reach our world with the transforming message of the Gospel.

Pastor Mike Cronin
Australian Missions Director