Strategic Report

Church Health

Update: Church Health continues to be a major focus in the CRC. SA and NSW both held conferences on this topic and several churches are tapping into the many excellent diagnostic tools for assessing church health.  Pastor Ian Miller and the Church Health team continue to meet and discuss the needs of Churches and Pastors in this area, and they are a wonderful resource group to help in this area.

The Next 12 Months: We’ll be reviewing the 2008-2013 Strategic Directions and, in preparation for the next 5-year Strategic Directions, will be asking for Pastors to send their feedback. The main challenge  is for Churches to keep up-to-date and informed as to the various help that is out there in this area.

Church Planting

Update: The Church Planting Toolshed has continued to be very successful over the past 12 months and there is a great heart and motivation for church planting across the movement. Several churches are starting outreach activities with the hope of these becoming new congregations. Pastor David Wright continues to champion this area  and mentor our new outreach Pastors.

The Next 12 Months: More Toolsheds are being planned for this year and next year. The church planting financial grant continues to be available for new outreaches from the State and National Offices. It’s important to keep praying, dreaming and stepping out in faith as we aim to reach our target of doubling our churches by 2020.

World Missions

Update: There has been so much taking place in the area of world missions with the the Colombo Project, our International Strategic Directions 2010-2015, plus Walhalla Faith Training Center. See Pastor Mike Cronin’s Missions report for other things that are happening.

The Next 12 Months: The International Missions Strategy Team (IMST), which consists of Pastors Bill Vasilakis, Mike Cronin, Neil Milne, Barry Silverback and Mike Groom, are looking at the process of recognising new fields and credential applicants, which will have significant impact on achieving our stated goals and also give guidance to achieving our aim of having a CRC presence in every Nation by 2045. Mike Cronin and the missions team working with him will keep you posted with further PULSE magazine updates.

Training & Leadership Development

Update: It’s been great to see an increase of student enrolments this year in VIC and NSW, with numbers remaining steady in SA. The National Training team are working towards streamlining the administration process under one National office and updating some of our video teaching to keep up with new content.

The Next 12 Months: The National Training team under Pastor Rob Nyhuis’ leadership is working towards building student registrations for 2013 and providing some of the new video material as it becomes available. Registration forms for 2013 are available in the display area at convention and if you want more information you can contact the Training Office in your State.


Update: Pastor Tim Lochens has been working with the National Youth team in preparation for RELOAD ARISE Youth Conference. This bi-annual youth event now happens at the same time as the International People’s Convention which is really exciting. Many other local events, camps and training days also have been taking place across the States. It’s also been great to welcome Pastor Caroline Dennis as the National Kids Director and she is making contact with churches and providing support and resources to many CRC churches in the area of kids ministry.

The Next 12 Months: We are planning a new training stream for kids and youth leaders at our 2013 REVIVAL Conference. This will include top-notch speakers with experience to help lift the bar right across all our churches in this area. We will also be brainstorming new ideas in preparation for the next Strategic Directions as well.