International Missions

“Do not focus on your accomplishments but on your opportunities. The emphasis is on your opportunities.”

Amongst the opportunities which are before all of us in this world at this time, there are those opportunities which are yours. Those, which God has ordained for you to take and carry through to completion.

Knowing that God has given you opportunities which are specifically yours to take up and bring to fulfillment is very important; and equally important is the recognition and acceptance of those opportunities which God has specifically given you.

Global accomplishments are the result of people being obedient and persistently pursuing those opportunities to the end.

In the past we may have accomplished much or little but we should not continue to focus on those but on the opportunities that are ahead of us.

They are filled with exciting and adventurous possibilities, which God will grace with His might strength and miraculous power.

Another year has passed since the last International report and our attitude and prayer continually needs to be, “Father what is it that you have for me to do today and tomorrow?”

Last November I stood in busy main street of a foreign country and contemplating about the nation of China and simply prayed, “Heavenly Father, would you have something for me to do in China?”

Within a week of my return to Australia I received an invitation to go to China and minister. What a wonderful answer to a very simple prayer.

And so I’ve been and seen the many amazing opportunities that are there as well the possibility that one or two of them might be mine.

As the CRC continues to see the many Global opportunities for the advancement of the Gospel of Christ and the demonstration of God’s love, may we be bold enough to believe and to aggressively take hold of those opportunities that are ours as a movement.

Those that are ours have been given to us like a stewardship (task) entrusted to us to be responsible for in carrying them through to completion.

This is truly an exciting adventure!

In the last 12 months within the CRC family we have seen an increasing interest in and the pursuit of seeking to enter into new nations, which is encouraging.

What is also exciting is that God is using a multiplicity of avenues to facilitate people in this way; there is not one method or modality.

While this can in some ways be intimidating and give the feeling of vulnerability because we cannot manage or control it; never the less God seems to be using if for this immediate season.

My prayer is that the CRC family movement will not focus on its past accomplishments but to look ahead and see what glorious opportunities that God is giving to us as a movement. It is so easy to look back and stay in the static position too long.

These are my thoughts at this time.

Grasping the ever-increasing opportunities which are ours and see God come through in mighty power and grace.

Barry Silverback
International Missions Director