National Missions

The CRC International vision of “A presence in every nation by 2045” has now been defined as “an effective on going ministry involvement in every nation”, with the purpose of this being aimed toward fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus.

This vision is inspiring action in CRC missions which contributes to the ultimate purpose that, around the throne of God, there will be a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language worshipping the eternal living God (Rev 7:9, 10).

Every CRC Minister and local church that is involved in global mission is contributing to this great vision. In fact as far as I am aware, every CRC church is involved in some way with global missions. Actually, according to unpublished data from NCLS, this is the case with all Pentecostal churches in Australia.

The breadth of our CRC mission involvement (currently over 50 nations), and the rapid changes that are taking place in most nations means that we need to be continually re-evaluating our approaches and structures.

In order to help churches in their involvement in global missions the International Missions Strategy Team (IMST) have been developing policies and guidelines which recognise the interdependence of the churches in our movement; encouraging individual initiative and apostolic pioneering, whilst working together in mutual cooperation.

Our policies and guidelines are aimed to help churches navigate the challenges of working cross-culturally in a rapidly changing world, and developing ministry in other nations by raising local leadership and not creating dependence.

Policies released in 2013

Policy 1.0 International Vision
Policy 2.0 Recognition of Fields and Ministry Credentials
Policy 3.0 Finance

Guidelines released in 2013

Guideline 1.0 Short Term Mission Teams

This guideline is aimed to help churches ensure that teams they send out are a blessing to the nation they visit as well as benefiting themselves. Furthermore that they fit within the changing Australian government requirements for Work Health and Safety, and yet are able to fulfil the call and commission of the living God.

Other policies and guidelines will be developed as required.

With changing government regulations for the Not-for-Profit sector and especially in relation to the ‘In Australia’ clause, we are following the appropriate avenues to ensure that CRC Missions has no barrier to sending money overseas for support of our global mission’s ministry.

About 40 overseas delegates, mostly from Australia, visited Port Moresby in July to join in the excellent celebration of the 40th anniversary of CRC in PNG and of Bethel Centre, as well as honouring Ps Barry and Rosalie Silverback and their family. The team at Bethel Centre did an outstanding job with the whole weekend with a truly fitting celebration. Leaders from almost every province in PNG were there, as well as the overseas delegates. It was a great time of reunion for many people.

The pioneering initiative of Ps Barry Silverback and Bethel Centre in the Asia/Pacific area has now multiplied with Pastors pioneering ministry around the world and particularly in Africa where there is a lot of effective ministry being done by CRC Pastors and Churches.

At our International Convention in 2012, opportunity was given for churches to adopt a nation. 52 new nations were ‘adopted’. This was a first step toward an effective ongoing ministry in those nations. These are in addition to the 50 nations in which CRC Pastors are already actively working in.

I want to thank all the churches and individual people who have contributed so generously, and are continuing to do so, to our two major movement wide projects.

Colombo Project

This was relaunched in September 2010 with 5 year commitments being made toward a goal of $500,000. To date we have received $246,500. This has meant that we have now fully paid for the land and have $12,150 toward plans and building.

Nathan Poloso

Medical Expenses and associated costs – a total of $285,000 has been contributed so far towards these expenses. Of this $51,400 has been given in the last year. We now have an outstanding balance of $156,000 to be covered.

According to this 2013 CRC Annual report over $1.88 million was given in the past year by Australian CRC Churches for global missions. Of this 20% was directed through CRC Missions Finance Office to CRC fields (member and affiliate), another 32% was sent direct to CRC fields (member and affiliate). The remaining 48% was sent to Partner fields.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed so generously towards all our CRC missions involvement.

A special thank you to Judi Shirley who manages very efficiently all finance through the CRC Missions Finance Office. Also a great thank you to Katelyn Fowler who is the editor of PULSE magazine.

Furthermore, I wish to thank the members of the IMST, Ps Barry Silverback, Ps Bill Vasilakis, Ps Neil Milne, Ps Mike Groom, Ps Bruce Sharman (a recent addition) and myself for their experience and wisdom being contributed to CRC Missions.

Pastor Mike Cronin
Missions Director