It is wonderful to report again a positive year within our CRC State Fellowship. It has been good that various pastors have been able to visit WA & NT and to have some of the Pastors of these 2 vast States & Territories come to recent conferences.


My thanks goes to the Executive Team who have again given themselves wholeheartedly to their tasks and responsibilities. Special thanks to David Washington, our State Secretary and to Pastor Neil Milne and his wife Joy, who after many years concluded in March as the State Vice Chairman. Neil will continue on the State Executive, his contribution has been immense and his support and commitment to our movement exemplary.

All the previous members of our Executive are continuing on and we welcome back John Poyzer to the role of Vice Chairman for the next two years and taking on the new portfolio as ‘State Minister’. Our priority is for the ‘younger’ pastors in our movement to take up Executive leadership responsibility in the years ahead and this year’s Conference gave expression to this. The Conference was called ‘The Itch’ and was facilitated by Josh Poyzer, with many of the ‘next generation’ pastors being profiled and sharing.


In his new role as State Minister, John Poyzer, with his wife Jackie, is moving around our regions, giving support and encouragement as needed. John brings broad experience from remote country, regional centres and city perspectives and will provide significant help to many of our churches at their points of need.


David Bland has taken up the responsibility of State Training as our College Dean, working with Rob Nyhuis and the National Training Team. He brings a breadth of experience and competence to this role from his career in Journalism and his recent studies in Ministry and Theology. Thanks also go to Vicky Legge and Damien Szepessy for so ably supporting the College through times of transition this last year.

Allan Cleanthous continues to facilitate credentialing pathways as the State Coach and at our last State Conference in March, 17 people went through ordination as trainee pastors or ministers. The calibre of leadership being raised up around our movement speaks well for the future of the CRC.


Fiona Voortman facilitates this and it has been great to see many of our churches utilise the resources of NCLS and NCD through this last year.

A number of churches are now tapping into the ‘Grow a Healthy Church’ consultancy of John Finkelde.
An effective Administrators/Secretaries Day as well as an outstanding Elders Training event were also conducted.


Thanks goes out to those who have continued to work with our National Children’s Team and National Youth Team in facilitating the Children’s and Youth aspects of our National People’s Convention held in September 2012. Thanks also to Lyle Willis, who for many years coordinated our State Youth events and this role has now gone to Mark Bettcher also from our Murray Bridge church.


On the National front, it has been my privilege to continue to work together with a fantastic team from around Australia in facilitating the Strategic Directions that Pastor Bill Vasilakis as our National Chairman has promoted within our movement.

The People’s Convention was again a resounding success in September last year, facilitated by a great team of volunteers largely from SA Churches. The speakers were impacting and the whole event created wonderful spiritual momentum across our movement.

With the acceptance of the new recommended Local Church Constitution a couple of years ago, all churches in SA, WA and NT are now being encouraged to look at their local constitutions so as to pick up on the ‘best practise’ areas recommended.


In June, our State facilitated Pastor Dr Robert Gallagher amongst many of our churches for direct consultations as well as running state wide retreats for Trainee Pastors, Senior Pastors and Key Associates. Pastor Ian Miller also inputted at this Trainee Pastors retreat.


It remains a continued privilege to serve our State Council. It’s great to report again on such a positive year. “The best is yet to come!”

Yours warmly in Jesus,

Pastor Hans Voortman
State Chairman