Maximise you health, growth and fruit with these Ministries and Resources

1. Traveling MinistriesApplication to become a State Promoted Ministry

Published State Ministries

1.1 RobnLiz Rob and Liz Bailey < Click for latest report on ministry, and website for various details

1.2 TippingsJohn and Pat Tipping < Click for what they offer

1.32014 Tom Gordon profile Tom Gordon < Click for what he offers

1.4Tony R pic Tony Rawson < Click for what he offers

2. State MinistriesState Facebook Page (Victoria)

2.1 Children’s Ministry Network (TBA)

2.2 Youth Ministry Network

2.3 Church Planting Network

2.4 Worship Leaders’ network

2.5. CRC Pastor Care Network

Regional Net work Facebook links

2.5.1 Metro Central Matthew Wyatt

2.5.2 Metro East Phil Cayzer

2.5.3 Metro West Chris Kolle

2.5.4 Gippsland Keith Walsingham

2.5.5 Central Phil Tong

2.5.6 North West Bruce Sharman

2.5.7 South West Shane Whitbourn

Church Pulse

3. Becoming a healthier church



4. Your Leading Edge Premium Coaching Program

Your Leading EdgeClick


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