Here is an encouraging update on a CRC church plant in Victoria! Also below are the details for our annual church planting seminar coming up in October. Make sure you book in to secure your place.


Church Planting Update

Grace Fellowship CRC, Hamilton Vic


It is 10 months now since Grace Fellowship began monthly outreach services in Casterton, a town 60km west of our church here in Hamilton, Victoria. The goal was to reach out to the extent that people could reasonably travel to Hamilton for regular worship. Two small groups have been borne from that activity, one 70km north in Balmoral and another 35km south in Macarthur. In those towns we have pre-existing Hamilton church members on the ground.


Our first services needed to be on Saturday afternoons but are now Sunday afternoons through to early evening which is better. We hire the Town Hall venue which has a great space for us at an equally blessed price.

To encourage our church with this vision for the first three monthly services we invited as many of our people to travel over to fellowship with us as possible. The attrition was pretty fast – 30 excited people for the first service, then 20, then 10 for the third! But that exercise was about giving our people a taste for it so that even if they do not attend they have an awareness of this significant outreach. Ideally we are seeking to develop a team of around 12 people from our Hamilton church.


Casterton people are well aware that we are there. Activities we have undertaken include an outdoor children’s outreach. We have had Ps Barry Chant guest speak in a Q & A format. We have had an impromptu fellowship in a local pub when we left the key to the Town Hall back in Hamilton (one of the best meetings yet!). Recently we hired a bus and travelled a 2 hour plus circuit through local hills picking up contacts which was a hoot. Last night we began the Alpha Marriage Course which runs weekly for 7 weeks in a local Casterton café.


Overall in that time we have ministered to 10 different locals. A couple of times it has been only our Hamilton crew in attendance but we have turned that to advantage with focused prayer and prophecy. Sitting enjoying and benefitting from the Marriage Course last night are two new couples (so 14 locals now). One of those couples being the young owners of the Café who are also young Christians and recently arrived in Casterton.


Watch this space.


Pastor Rodger Garland

Grace Fellowship CRC

Hamilton, Vic


Our 2018 Toolshed Seminar is on Monday the 8th of October at Christian Family Centre Seaton in Adelaide, and consists of 4 one and a half hour sessions in the afternoon and evening. The event commences at 1pm, however please aim to arrive a half hour earlier. A light dinner will be provided in the long break and tea/coffee in the shorter breaks


CLICK HERE to register


If you believe you have a potential “church planter” in your fellowship then please approach them and contact me as this event will be by CRC pastoral invitation only. The CRC Churches International are so committed to the church planting that this event and meals will be run free of charge to CRC Churches International approved participants.


We look forward to the mighty things God has in store for CRC as a church planting movement!




Pr Phil Cayzer – National Church Planting Director

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