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Arise Youth Outreach – Marvel Rally Weekend Update

I am happy to report that the Marvel Rally Weekend was a great success! We had many youth come throughout the weekend and saw an awesome response to the gospel. Leading up to the weekend Arise youth had fluctuated between 4-8 youth each weekend for most of the year. However a couple of weeks ago we saw attendance at 10 kids then at 12 then finally up to 15 the week before Marvel!

On top of those 15 we had a further 13 of their friends come for Marvel! So we had at least 28 Arise Youth kids there!

The newly started Hope to Youth from Pastor Sam Wright’s church in Atherton came down and helped greatly with the games and music for the weekend. There were about 5 adults that came and they even had 2 youth come along for some of Saturday.

We had three main outside youth groups come along for the weekend. Nikola the school chaplain brought 6 youth from C3 and Generations along for the whole weekend while the City Baptist church had 8 youth and 2 leaders come along for the Friday night session. These really helped to set the mood for the weekend and all the youth really got into the music with jumping and dancing.

All up we had at least 50 youth plus roughly 30 adults come along or get involved over the weekend.

Ramon and I did a 15 minute preshow for each rally which the kids really got into. We even had a couch on stage to match our chill out zone down the back of the hall which had a further 10 couches. We made 10 screen printed Marvel shirts to give out as prizes for our stage games and the kids all wanted one.

The band for the rallies played incredibly well and having a large band meant that they danced and got into the music which further got the kids into it.

Our guest speaker Sam Long brought epic messages with lots of hilarious stories throughout. He brought it back to Jesus throughout the entire time and he even had some of the kids in tears at the end of his message.

Most of the kids raised their hands and spoke the sinners prayer. The altar call had many of the kids go out for prayer with genuine responses to the lord! The last night saw more people out for prayer than left in the crowd.

For the Saturday games we did races on basketball sports wheelchairs which was a hit with the kids. You couldn’t get them off the chairs for the rest of the weekend. We also did capture the flag with oztag style vests which the kids got competitive over and we finished off with the popular sumo tournament with the bumper balls.

The next day we even had 9 of the indigenous kids come to Sunday morning church!

The whole weekend worked better than we could have hoped for and sets an awesome precedence for future Marvel rallies! We will no doubt see growth in our regular youth nights and are excited for our camp coming up in a month.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for this event to happen

Thomas Wright