The Friendship – Rob Noble


Introducing the Dawson Chronicles

A generational series portraying the adventures of the successive eldest sons of the Dawson family.

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Book 1: The Friendship … the beginning of the Dawson family in Australia

In the year of 1787 young Isaac Dawson is fighting for his life. Wrongfully accused by an evil and selfish man, he is subjected to the dreadful horrors of London’s Newgate Prison. In the courts of the Old Bailey he is confronted with the terrible possibility of execution by hanging. In a knife-edge decision he is saved from the gallows … only to become a convict. Torn from his home and mother, Isaac is subjected to a dangerous and extremely challenging ocean voyage to a distant and unknown land. When he arrives at the new frontier of Terra Australis his challenges are only just beginning. The only way he can meet those challenges is through the strength of a friendship. It is a friendship that is totally unacceptable and socially forbidden in his British culture. Yet it is a friendship that inspires hope, not just for his time, but for the very future of the new colony and what it will become.

Meticulously researched, this an adventure story that gives the reader a window into the days that made Australia the nation it is today. A genuine page turner, this story will appeal to the teenager and adult alike.

Follow the exploits of Isaac Dawson as he is torn from his home and mother due to false allegations made against him, and then subjected to the difficult and traumatic processes of the 18th century English criminal justice system. Sentenced to transportation on the First Fleet, Isaac is confronted with further challenges on arrival at the new colony of Terra Australis.

The one thing that enables him to survive is a friendship. It is a friendship that was rigorously opposed by British culture at the time, for it was a friendship with a young Aboriginal boy around his own age.

This book will absorb readers right across the age spectrum. A heart-warming story with suspense and action, The Friendship is a book that will leave you thinking about the nation of Australia. Can the past teach us how to live in the present?


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