Colombo Project Opening

The building of a CRC National Centre in Colombo has been a project for CRC in Australia for over 6 years.

The building is finally finished, and was opened in a special ceremony on 30th March. Continue reading

Condolences to Peter and Vami Igarobe

Peter was our first National Chairman of the CRC in PNG, and he is the Senior Minister of our large church in Lae, Morobe province, and like Pastor Fuwe is regarded as one of a handful of Papas across the CRC in PNG. He and his wife Vami lost their daughter Priscilla last weekend.

Letter to Peter and Vami from the National Chairman, Pr Bill Vasilakis

Dear Peter & Vami

I’m so shocked at the news of Priscilla’s passing Continue reading

Overseas Volunteer Card now available

Card draft

The Overseas Volunteer Card can now be produced for non-credentialed volunteers travelling overseas for CRC Missions activities.

CLICK HERE for more details.