Condolences – Tracey Andresen

The following correspondence was sent to Pr Dean Andresen and his family after the recent loss of their wife and mother.

Dear Dean and Luke,

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended family and church at the recent passing of Tracey to go home to be with her Lord. Continue reading

Condolences – Pr Len Burrell

One of our highly respected CRC Retired Pastors and a dear friend to many of us, Pastor Len Burrell, passed away last Friday morning.

Len had a significant ministry role Continue reading

Condolences – Cliff Beard

Cliff, husband of Pr Helen Beard, went to be with his Lord on Monday 28th November, 2016. His Life Celebration Service will be held in Mildura on Tuesday December 6th. Continue reading

International Leader’s Gathering

CRC Leaders from across the world are meeting Tuesday and Wednesday 4th and 5th October at South Eastern Christian Centre in Melbourne.


This is a great opportunity for CRC Leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, England, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Ghana, China, Vanuatu and Myanmar to get together and share for fellowship and to strategise about the CRC’s 2045 vision.



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