Church planting is the life blood of our movement. It enables regions to be awakened by the power and love of Christ.

To have a leader to sow into a new region is a testament to healthy Churches.  Just as healthy plants produce fruit and seed that enables multiplication in the earth likewise the Church and its offspring.

In 1788 the first fleet delivered our first Chaplain Richard Johnson who a week after arrival preached under a tree from Psalm 116: 12&13.  In 1793 he built the Nation’s first mud brick Church in Sydney.  From humble beginnings Churches spread across our Nation to the point that in the smallest of towns a Church can be found. The wave of evangelical endeavour was linked to the movement of leaders to places. Today we need another wave to be stretched to places where pilgrims once journeyed and candles once burnt. Our Nation needs modern day Nehemiah’s that will restore breaches, build communities and plant Churches.

Psa 127:3  Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.  Psa 127:4  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.”  (nkjv) “The psalmist likens children to arrows. The glory of an arrow is not its position in the quiver but in the target it hits and impacts. Arrows were born to fly and impact. Church planting is shaping arrows and launching them into places to bring change. The glory of the Church is it’s sons and daughters sent into the world with the power of the gospel.

Pr Roland Tankard
Church Planting Team Member

Toolshed provides valuable training in many practical areas of church planting, develops planters to be ready, connects you with others in the CRC who are also in the process of planting, has a strong connected group of experienced church planters at various stages of planting, students can stay connected after 2 years to provide valuable ongoing input to others

Register for TOOLSHED or to get more information contact Phil Cayzer, the National Church Planting Director

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TOGETHER WE CAN! – SA/NT/WA 2018 State Conference

Conference program

Wednesday 9th May
10:00am Registration & Coffee
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm WelcomePrayer
1:15pm Introductory Session
1:30pm Together Our Team Can – Richard Green
2:30pm Workshop 1 – Building Your Dream Team / Leading Change without losing it / The Front Door
3:30pm Afternoon Tea
4:30pm State Council Meeting
5.30pm Dinner
7:00pm Together with God We Can – Richard Green
8.30pm Ministry Time
9:00pm Close

Thursday 10th May
10:30am Dolphin Cruise Includes Lunch
1:00pm Welcome
1:15pm Together Our Church Can – Richard Green.
2:00pm Workshop 2 – Building Your Dream Team / Leading Change without losing it / The Front Door
3;00pm Afternoon Tea
4:00pm Together the CRC Can – Bill V
5:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Worship Ordination / Graduation
7:30pm Together We Can – Richard Green
8:30pm Ministry
9:00pm Close