Your will is the indispensable instrument that enables you to provide for your loved ones after your death.

But it is more. It is a means of continuing your involvement in the causes that concern you most. And if one of these is making Christ known, you can go on doing so, far into the future, by leaving a legacy to your local church or to a ministry within our movement that you consider important.

Such a legacy will bring you great satisfaction, because the CRC Churches International is totally dedicated to telling the Good News of Jesus Christ. So you will know that, even after you have entered eternity, your influence will still be at work in your church, within the CRC Churches International movement and the World far into the future, helping to win people to an eternal saving faith in Him.

As a committed church member, more than likely it has been your practice to tithe and give regularly to your church.

Why not consider tithing from your estate? In this way you may continue to embrace an important principle you have found fruitful throughout your Christian life. This will ensure that, through your estate, you continue to minister even after your death.

You may wish to make a tithe, or perhaps a greater percentage of your estate, to your local church.

In addition you may wish to consider a percentage, or a designated amount going towards:

  • CRC Missions for helping needy children or a specified missions need;
  • Establishing a training scholarship to make it possible for people to be trained for ministry;
  • The planting of new churches throughout Australia; or
  • General use for the growth and expansion of our movement as most needed.

Make your desire to achieve live on through a Bequest and offer a gift of hope to future generations! Your Bequest will be wisely invested and used exclusively for the purpose you have designated.

You can make your Bequest to your local church or to an area of ministry within the CRC Churches International that you would like to invest in.

Please register your interest in making a Bequest through contacting the CRC National Office by phone (08 8356 6999) or by email. We will forward a booklet explaining to you how your Bequest can be made.

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