Tribute – Pr Nancye Harkin

By Pastor Bill Vasilakis-National Chairman CRC Churches International.

I am delighted to share today with you and speak a little of my memories of Nancye.
Nancye was a magnificent woman of God who impacted the lives of many thousands of people by her life and ministry. Continue reading

Tribute – Pr Helen Beard

by Pastor Bill Vasilakis- National Chairman CRC Churches International Australia   7th January 2019

Today I am honoured to speak about Helen Beard on behalf of our denominational family, CRC Churches International.

Helen is one of the CRC’s genuine hero’s who along with her husband Cliff pioneered a stack of  CRC churches across South Australia, Victoria and NSW in the 1960s and 70’s. Continue reading

Overseas Volunteer Card now available

Card draft

The Overseas Volunteer Card can now be produced for Australian non-credentialed volunteers travelling overseas for CRC Missions activities.

CLICK HERE for more details.