Condolences to Peter and Vami Igarobe

28 Mar 2017

Peter was our first National Chairman of the CRC in PNG, and he is the Senior Minister of our large church in Lae, Morobe province, and like Pastor Fuwe is regarded as one of a handful of Papas across the CRC in PNG. He and his wife Vami lost their daughter Priscilla last weekend.

Letter to Peter and Vami from the National Chairman, Pr Bill Vasilakis

Dear Peter & Vami

I’m so shocked at the news of Priscilla’s passing…Pastor Fuwe just messaged me.

I don’t know what to say, so I’m praying for you and your magnificent family at this unbelievably difficult time.

Your entire CRC family here in Australia will be upholding you in prayer as you prepare for Priscilla’s funeral.

The Holy Spirit will be your spiritual shock absorber and may your thoughts be of the assured hope we have in Jesus and that our permanent home really is HEAVEN.

Peter & Vami, I just cannot imagine having two of my children preceding me to heaven, and yet I can’t get the image out of my mind of your beautiful boy welcoming his big sister to her new home; and they are rapturously happy and before they know it their entire loving family will be with them.

I wish I could come to PNG and stand with you as a brother, but I’m heading to Sri Lanka to help dedicate the new CRC facility in Colombo.

However you will be in my heart and I’ll be with you in spirit and all who know and love you both are feeling exactly the same.

Your brother in Christ

Bill Vasilakis

Letter to Peter and Vami from CRC SA/NT/WA State Chairman Hans Voortman

Dear Peter, Vami and Family,

I send the personal condolences of Fiona and I and that of all our churches and pastors in SA, WA and NT to add to the thoughts of Pr Bill on behalf of the movement nationally in Australia with the recent passing of your daughter Priscilla to be with her Lord.

What a shock it was to read the news here in Sri Lanka where I have just arrived for the opening of the new Church centre for Pr Som and the CRC here.

We weep with you and can only imagine the sense of the loss you must now feel. Whilst we know Priscilla  is enjoying eternity already with her Saviour and brother, the empty space  your daughter will leave in your lives can never be filled, except by the Lord himself. To be without now two of your children is something none of us as parents can imagine or prepare for. May the Lord’s  presence sustain you and fill your lives with His love and comfort. Our hearts go out to you all.

I remember well Priscilla and her time here in SA. She was a daughter to our movement and together with you the Igorabae family, such a foundational part of the CRC movement both in PNG and here in Australia. Your family has built strong roots and  bonds with so many of us here in Australia, a testimony to your faithful service of the Lord within the CRC for the better part of your lives, but also to the way you have allowed us all into your lives, extending hospitality, warmth and the generosity of your friendship and home.

So now we grieve with you, but not as the Apostle Paul reminds us, “as those who have no hope”.

God’s comfort and strength be with you all in the days ahead.

With all our concern, love and prayers,

In Jesus.

Hans Voortman

The Source Church Stirling
SA,WA,NT State Chairman

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