Condolences – Cliff Beard

30 Nov 2016

Cliff, husband of Pr Helen Beard, went to be with his Lord on Monday 28th November, 2016. His Life Celebration Service will be held in Mildura on Tuesday December 6th.


A letter to the family from the Victorian State Chairman

Dearest Pastors Helen, Rebekah and the extended family if Clifford Beard, as well as the Mildura Church,

On behalf of CRC Churches Victoria and in particular the Churches of the North West Region please accept our heartfelt feeling toward you on account of Clifford’s promotion to Glory.

I love the honour and realisation,  that comes in memorial services, of the depth of people’s lives, live, passion, commitment and contribution. The hour or so is not enough to do more that taste of it in many cases.

Clifford is such a case! Many of the churches I am speaking for (and then some) recognise the role Clifford had in their roots as well as those that in turn came out of them.

Clifford regularly attended State conferences with his believed Helen until he no longer could. These interactions ensured great connections with some.

Evangelistically he was faithful to the nations God had called him too. This led to strategically being used by God to birth great ministries. The example of Thampi in India springs to mind.

Clifford was always generous in his recognition of other ministries and was never truly daunted by the visions of God due to outstanding faith.

Through all the many phases of his life and ministry I have also found Clifford to be a forgiving soul that was not burdened with grudges.

In short, Clifford was a man we were all the richer for having known. I am sure that he will continue to inspire all those who knew him.

He is the kind of man that is a figure that will and should be remembered for a generation. He is exactly the kind of man that will be remembered and continue to inspire for generations to come through his own writings as well as those who have and should write of him.

Truly we have walked with a giant of a man.

Godspeed to you all.

Pastor Bruce Sharman

Chairman – CRC Churches International Victoria.


Condolences to the Beard Family

Dear Helen

On behalf of your CRC friends throughout Australia we are thinking of you and your beautiful family at this time of Cliff’s passing into the presence of Jesus.

What a living hope we have in Christ for all of our tomorrow’s, and what comfort and help we receive from His precious Holy Spirit in our difficult today’s.

Cliff will always be a legend in our CRC family.

When I came to Christ as a teenager in 1971, I soon began hearing of Cliff & Helen Beard’s exploits as they were advancing Jesus Kingdom through apostolic evangelism & Church planting with miraculous signs following. It felt like we were travelling with you as we read our monthly Revivalist magazine about what you were up to now. They were  inspirational times that impacted so many of us who were looking on with amazement.

Praying that your Life Celebration Service for Cliff will be blessed & memorable as you say your goodbyes till you meet again in Heaven.

Pastor Bill Vasilakis

National Chairman-CRC Churches International
Senior Minister-Christian Family Centre


Open letters to his wife and family

Dear Helen and Family,

On behalf of all the CRC Churches and Pastors in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, may I add my condolences to the many you would have undoubtedly received on the recent passing of Cliff.

Helen and family, Cliff was such an amazing character, in so many ways larger-than-life! He was a man of faith who has impacted countless thousands of lives. His influence around the CRC and the broader Kingdom of God was huge. Together with you Helen, his planting of Churches, pioneering of regions of Australia for the CRC and wider kingdom purposes, together with his evangelistic thrusts and tent campaigns and conventions, has led to thousands of people being affected both within our Movement and around the globe. His passion for mission, of course was legendary, with his love for Africa, (and in fact every part of the world that he ever went to!!) expressing his heart for the Lord.

He always understood the call on his life and it was something to which he committed his energy and purpose. Forever the enthusiast and always one to see that things could be done, he exemplified a life that understood his resources were in God and that his power came from the Holy Spirit. He was amongst the pioneers of Pentecostal ministry in Australia who challenged his boundaries of faith and believing. Regardless of whether you always agreed with him, he remained a big hearted man who touched people with the heart of God. Never one to shrink back from controversy and willing to push into new areas, he represented all that is the life of faith and a pioneering spirit. His legacy is felt and will be left in many parts of Australia and beyond.

I join with many other pastors and leaders to express on behalf of the CRC Churches in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory our deep appreciation for Cliff, his global ministry and influence.

May God’s presence sustain and encourage you Helen and family, as you work through your grief and the inevitable adjustments involved in being without your life partner and father. However, we do not grieve as those who have no hope and we live in the anticipation of eternity together. He is with his Lord and has undoubtedly heard the words ‘well done good and faithful servant’.

May the Lord richly sustain and encourage you all as a family.

Yours in Christ,

Hans Voortman
SA, WA NT State Chairman – CRC Churches International

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