Eulogy – Pr Derek Claridge

4 Jul 2016

The prayers and thoughts of the CRC pastors and churches in South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory are extended to Mary and her family at this time of Derek’s passing to be with His Lord.
We thank God for Derek and his ministry and the many thousands of people that have been impacted by his and Mary’s lives together as a couple. Derek’s life was one of passionately pursuing his purpose in serving his Lord. I think back to the many obstacles that could have stopped or held back other people, but which in fact became the stepping stones for Derek toward serving people and his Lord all the more! …Not the least of which was his heart transplant and the way that that became such a motivator for himself and the cause of Christ in his endeavours of riding around Australia!
Derek and Mary’s ministry as a couple in Western Australia, often amidst demanding and challenging circumstances, so revealed their passion and servant hearts. In their moves to interstate as well, they continued to pursue the call of God on their lives and we would want to honour both Mary and particularly at this time Derek for that, in his singular commitment to serving his Lord and Saviour.
We will miss Derek and his ministry. I pray that the times ahead his family will be filled with God’s enabling grace, to help deal with the inevitable change now involved and the loss of companionship Derek’s passing will bring.
We rejoice that Derek is now safe with his Lord and Saviour and free of the encumbrance of all that constrains here on earth, not least of which our physical ailments. Derek was a great example of faith and a soldier who pushed through all the obstacles set before him. He will be deeply missed by many people.
I bring the heartfelt appreciation of all Derek’s CRC colleagues and ministry partners to his wife and family at this time. May God’s grace and favour continue to sustain you for the days ahead.
God’s love, grace and encouragement be with you all.
Yours in Christ,

Hans Voortman

SA, WA and NT State Chairman CRC Churches International

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