Patricia Paulson condolences

11 Mar 2014

Pastor Lesley Paulson and his wife Patricia, as two of our earliest leaders, have been father and mother figures to many hundreds of people over the decades. There are adults in their 50’s and 60’s who still remember the impact that Les and Pat had through their amazing children’s ministry that helped bring so many to Christ, nurturing their little faith in the most formative years of their lives. As pastors and church planters they are both heroes, and we acknowledge the lifelong contribution that Pat made in supporting Les in their endeavours as she served unstintingly beside him in ministry all these years.

What a privilege it was for me to have Les and Pat as some of my pastors when I came to Christ as a teenager, as they served beside Pastor Harris in our mother church, Adelaide Christian Centre. I just loved my pastors and as a young boy I was impacted by their obvious love for Jesus and each other, as they always presented a united team.   They both loved the people in the church, and I always saw them both giving of themselves to those they cared for.  This made me feel very safe in my new walk of faith.

We all know how beautifully Pat would dress and she always presented herself immaculately, like a little doll – and Les wasn’t bad either!   I remember that often they would turn up together in matching outfits. To a boy saved in the Jesus Revolution and the ending of the hippie era, this was quite an awakening for me, and I remember dressing up a bit more for church, after watching their example. Seriously, their outward appearance matched the excellence of their inner life and character.

Of course Pat’s legacy goes on, and bears fruit in the Christian Family’s Centres endeavours in both Hobart, Seaton, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines through the missionary and ministry service of Lorraine and Wayne, and two of their amazing daughters, Vegena and Sondra.

All Australian CRC pastors are thinking and praying for Les and family, and we honour Patsy Paulson as one who has run the race well, and is now in the presence of Jesus, having received the commendation, “Well done good and faithful servant”.

Pastor Bill Vasilakis

National Chairman
CRC Churches International, Australia

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