Eulogy – Betty Dawson

4 Nov 2013

On behalf of CRC Churches International please accept our condolences on the passing of Betty Dawson into the presence of Jesus.

Betty belonged to the ‘Greatest Generation’, a very special group of Australians that really built the modern Australian Nation that we presently enjoy. Betty was born in the same year as Leo Harris, the founder of the CRC and along with her husband Don, she helped pioneer & establish one the great  Pentecostal Movements of our land, that now has a ministry presence in over 50 Nations. What commenced as a mustard seed in the 1940’s is now a very healthy growing tree with 800 plus Churches and well over 100,000 people throughout the world.

I salute Betty Dawson as one of the spiritual Mothers of the CRC whose magnificent Christian service will never be forgotten. We will acknowledge her promotion to Heaven at our upcoming National Pastors & Leaders Conference.
Well done good and faithful servant of Jesus and now enjoy His presence & commendation.

Pastor Bill Vasilakis
National Chairman
CRC Churches International.


On behalf of CRC Churches Intl Victoria please let us record, with honour, the distinguished life of a marvellous pioneer, minister, wife and mother. In the like-words of Saint Paul, she had certainly kept the faith and finished her race! Indeed, she was a fore-runner for women in ministry.

Though Betty never sought an official credential, nor the platform, she was certainly a co-pioneer with her legendary husband Don. The CRC is for ever indebted to Betty for her assistance to Don in opening up Victoria through Frankston, other out reaches, and the many lives, as seeds, that have carried the cause of Jesus to bloom throughout the world.

In the years that I personally knew her, and fellow-shipped in her home, I was blessed to have my children pass through her children’s ministry there. Who knows how many hundred’s of other people have the crown of life because of her humble beauty in ministry.

I found Betty thoroughly gracious, a real mother in the faith, adorned with the beauty of holiness.

I am sure her rest in Jesus will be especially delightful, for I anticipate a great reward.

Sincerely yours

Pr Bruce Sharman

CRC Churches Intl Victoria

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