Pray for Ps Paul De Jong

26 Nov 2021

Paul De Jong, one of our recent CRC National Conference speakers is battling cancer. Paul is a beautiful soul who leads one of NZ’s most influential churches and is a much loved man across the globe. 

I’ve just watched Paul share about his battle with Cancer. I was deeply moved as it reminded me of my journey during 2019/2020 and the continual tests I still have to undertake.

As so many of you know, when you or a loved one faces a life threatening illness, it becomes a cathartic time and a lot of sorting out occurs, both spiritually before Jesus and relationally with ones family, friends & work colleagues.

Let’s pray and believe for our dear brother Paul to receive the miracle of healing he needs.

Pray also for his family & his church who are in shock, but strong in faith.

Oh Jesus, have mercy.

Bill Vasilakis

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