Tribute - Ron Inglis

16 Nov 2023

Tribute to Pastor Ron Inglis


Pastor Ron Inglis was a faithful servant leader and a most genuine follower of Jesus.


When I was SA Chairman he served on our Executive and always excelled in the administrative duties assigned to him. Ron was always helpful to me and his fellow Executive members. I remember him with great fondness.


Ron was a perfect gentleman and I can’t recall him ever being critical of anyone- He was such an example who exhibited Jesus heart of love for his Church.


On behalf of all our pastors and leaders across the CRC I salute Ron as a wonderful man of God who added so much to our denominational family over the decades of his ministry.


After reading his son Rod’s fulsome tribute about his Dad, I felt include this big picture of one of our CRC fathers who came into the CRC in the 1950’s


Pastor Bill Vasilakis

CRC National Chairman


Tribute from Rod Inglis


Ron was born in Kimba South Australia in 1934 & was the youngest of 6 children.

He was born into a farming family that pioneered a new “post first world war one” farming property in the 1920’s that was provided by the government.

The farm had a model T ford ute & model A ford as well – whilst all the heavy ploughing, clearing & paddock work was all done by Clydesdale horses.

After the 2nd world war the farm was struggling & temporarily closed in 1942. The family moved to OG road Payneham in Adelaide.

His Dad died of cancer in 1948 at the age of only 48 & eventually Ron’s 2 older brothers took over the running of the farm.

He began attending Sunday school at the nearby  Klemzig Methodist church & in time became involved in leadership in the Christian Endeavour Youth Movement & other church activities.

He actually preached his first sermon when he was just 16 years of age.

In his late teens he became an active member of the Christian Revival Crusade in Adelaide - which at the time was one of only four pentecostal churches operating in Adelaide.

It was at this time in the CRC that he met a young girl by the name of Margaret Schroeder - who he later married in 1956.

They had 3 children, all boys - Rodney & twins Daryl & Kym.

He always had a very strong faith in God & was always involved in the churches he's been in.

In 1972 he left his employment in the appliance industry & accepted a position as assistant pastor at the CRC church at Brahma Lodge.

Two years later in 1974 he became the founding pastor of a new CRC church in Gawler at the age of 40.

It was from this point in his life that he was affectionately called “Pastor Ron” by most people he knew.

Initially meetings were in the old Gawler Institute hall & eventually the new CRC church that was built on Hillier Road Evanston.

Over the years he was the chaplain at General Motors Holdens at Elizabeth for a while.

In 1986 he moved on from Gawler CRC after twelve years to become the Administrator at Tabor Bible college.

In this role he had a major involvement in the organising many of the annual Adelaide Charismatic Conventions that were held at the Adelaide show grounds each year after Christmas.

And nearing retirement he pioneered a small church in the Salisbury area for a few years.

He always had a heart & passion for wanting to share his experience & relationship with God with other people.

And he always had a wonderful ability to connect with people.

He retired in his mid 60's and moved to Nairne in the Adelaide hills for about 8 years & then spent his final 17 years back in Gawler.

His wife Margaret passed away in 2016 at the age of 81 after struggling with parkinson’s disease for 17 years.

Since that time he has been living independently & happily in his house of 17 years at Evanston Park – enjoying his wonderful garden that he loved. 

Ron passed away at the age of 88 on 31/7/23 after a 4 year battle with melanoma cancer.

His was certainly a life well lived – spent loving & serving God.




Rod Inglis



Ron was one of those quiet achievers. A servant of Christ together with his wife Margaret, he loved his Lord and served him with single minded passion for over forty years.

He was committed to serving his community and for many years pastored churches in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. He began at Brahma Lodge and established the first CRC church in Gawler. He also worked for many years as Administrator of Tabor College.   

He was thrilled to hear the CRC in Gawler had just recently bought the property of the former Wallis Theatre.

Committed to serving the movement, his family and the family of God, he was one of the pioneer generation of pastors that established our movement in SA. It is upon the shoulders of such men that our movement is now able to flourish.

We honour Ron and his wife Margaret for the legacy of faith and godly service they expressed. “Well done good and faithful servant.

Pastor Hans Voortman

SA,WA,NT State Pastor.

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