Tribute – Pr Nancye Harkin

21 Jan 2019

By Pastor Bill Vasilakis-National Chairman CRC Churches International.

I am delighted to share today with you and speak a little of my memories of Nancye.
Nancye was a magnificent woman of God who impacted the lives of many thousands of people by her life and ministry.

In my formative years Nancye stood out as someone who modelled what a genuine Holy Spirit empowered servant of Jesus looked like.
Supernatural gifts of the Spirit, particularly prophetic words & manifestations of healing grace flowed ever so naturally from her.

Signs, Wonders & Miracles were her calling card as many, many people experienced the power of Jesus in their lives through Nancye’s gentle and softly spoken, yet authoritative approach.

I think that our good Heavenly Father entrusted His great power to Nancye because of her heartfelt gratitude for her own miraculous healing and because she was so unpretentious and humble.

I loved talking to Nancye over the years as she was always encouraging us to never stop stepping out in faith. She inspired so many young pastors to simply trust that the Lord will fulfill the promises in the Bible that tell us about our spiritual inheritance in Christ.

Nancye was a Pastor, Preacher, Healer, Worker of Miracles, Church Planter, a loving friend to her fellow Ministers, and a very loyal and much valued member of our CRC denominational family.

John and family accept our deepest condolences,
and we rejoice with you that your dear loved one is in heaven and really is enjoying the very presence of Jesus her Saviour and Lord.

On behalf of the National Executive & National Council of CRC Churches International in Australia and across the world I salute Pastor Nancye Harkin.
Well done good and faithful servant.
Pastor Bill Vasilakis.



Pastor Nancye Harkin went to be with her beloved Lord Jesus Saturday 5th January 2019.

Nancye had an incredible testimony of God’s miracle healing and restoring power in her own life in 1970.

Born with abnormal kidneys and then one removed in 1961. Then through the 1960’s suffering extremely high blood pressure, heart condition, gastric ulcer, thyroid disorder, massively swollen ankles so that by October 1969 death seemed inevitable.

Then through a friend telling Nancye of the change in her own life Nancye was miraculously healed, found salvation in Jesus Christ and had her personal Pentecost experience.

From her own experience of God’s healing and saving power Nancye developed a compassionate and very effective ministry in healing and evangelism.

This ministry developed first at Frankston CRC in the 1970’s where she was encouraged by Ps Don Dawson and Ps Dudley Cooper. Wednesday night Miracle Meetings in the late 1970’s drew capacity crowds each week with people coming from far and wide to receive healing and salvation.

In 1981 Nancye and her husband John transferred to South Eastern Christian Centre, Endeavour Hills till 1997.

In 1981 Nancye was recognised as a CRC credentialed minister. She was one of the first women credentialed in the CRC. Her God-given gift and ministry clearly made way for her.

Nancye ministered very effectively both in the local church and in visiting ministry to many churches in Victoria, interstate and New Zealand.

Through her unique way of story telling, illustrating great Biblical truth from everyday happenings, she led many people to a personal relationship with Christ.  Also many people were healed by God physically and emotionally under her ministry.

God opened doors for her to minister to people in professional positions, people in the equestrian world where she trained her much loved horse for dressage work and people in many other areas of life.

Nancye accompanied by her very supportive husband John threw herself into establishing Cranbourne Christian Centre as a church plant from SECC from 1990 to 1993. The leadership of this church was then handed onto Ps Phil and Norma Cayzer and in time was renamed as TurningPoint Church. Nancye was thrilled with the progress of this church.

Nancye returned from Cranbourne to minister in Endeavour Hills in 1993 to 1997.  Then she returned closer to home at Frankston CRC, now Peninsula City Church.

In recent times her health deteriorated considerably. Only a few weeks ago John and Nancye celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Nancye’s life and ministry has had a deeply profound impact on many, many people in all walks of life. We give thanks to God for her and extend our sympathy to her husband John and their children Mary Ann, Christopher, and Elizabeth, as well as their grandchildren.

The Victorian and Tasmanian pastors honour Nancye for her faith and tenacity in pursuing the call of God and laying a foundation that others are now building on.

Pr Mike Cronin
CRC National Missions Director (former Senior Minister SECC)

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