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CRC Churches International affirms the great work done in NSW Public Schools by teachers and staff in educating our children. We support this through active participation in Special Religious Education (SRE) which is a key link in the Department of Education’s fostering the wellbeing of students – physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Special religious education (SRE) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion delivered by authorised representatives of that persuasion.

SRE should provide opportunities for learners:

  1. to develop an ability to interpret religious data within the traditions of their particular faith;
  2. to gain an appreciation of specific religious interpretations of issues and problems in which committed people apply their faith to life;
  3. to translate their learning about their faith into active expression in a worshipping community;
  4. to encounter, in a peer group learning context, religious teaching given from a position of faith and commitment by a person explicitly associated with the religious community;
  5. to be aware of the availability of personal and group counselling in the area of religious need, as occasion demands.

Source:  Religion in Education in NSW Government Schools (1980, 6.58)

Teacher Training

SRE teachers authorised by CRC Churches will have completed an SRE training program that covers the seven modules of the ICCOREIS agreed training framework:

Module 1 – Teaching SRE in Government Schools

Module 2 – Learning and Teaching

Module 3 – Preparing and Delivering Lessons

Module 4 – Communicating in the Classroom

Module 5 – Introduction to the Bible

Module 6 – Classroom Experience

Module 7 – Duty of Care

SRE teachers need to complete appropriate training, the SRE Teacher Engagement Form and have a current working with children check (WWCC). This form along with a passport style photograph (digital or physical) is to be submitted to the State Secretary with a copy also held by their local church. The SRE teacher will be supplied a name badge that must be worn whenever on a school site for SRE. Additionally the schools will be provided with the names, date of birth and contact details for our authorised teachers. This is updated annually at the beginning of term 1 or as required.

SRE teachers will have an SRE lesson observed regularly (minimum – annually) to continue to improve the quality of their teaching. This may be done by their SRE coordinator, Minister or an experienced classroom teacher and arranged with the Principal. This observation is a mentoring tool for the support of the teacher. The teacher review process will also guide the focus for ongoing teacher training and the topics identified will be included in the annual assurance to the department.

SRE Curriculum

CRC Churches seeks to work in unity with our Christian SRE colleagues of other authorised providers and endorses the approvals already provided to SRE curriculum including:

For Primary Schools:

For High Schools

Any SRE Excursion must be organised with the consent of the school Principal and in accordance with the departments Excursions Policy.

SRE teacher training and the approved curriculum will be reviewed regularly. Any complaints will be handled in a timely manner in accordance with the SRE Complaints Handling Procedure.

For more information about the Life With God curriculum or anything SRE related please contact the CRC Churches NSW/ACT SRE Coordinator, P.O. Box 946, Griffith, NSW, 2680 or or (02) 6964 9953.

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