Odyssey Christmas Musical

Looking for something for this year’s Christmas presentation or outreach?

Look no further! How about a show that has all the following features?

  • Designed specifically for local churches
  • Includes men, women, young people and children.
  • Well-known Christmas songs
  • Audience can join in singing
  • Music, laughter and dance
  • The gospel message is simply presented
  • A blend of IT and life performance
  • Minimal staging
  • Easy costuming
  • Songs distributed over the whole cast

By clicking on the link below you can discover three uniquely Australian Christmas shows designed specifically for local churches to produce.

Each show is complete in itself with a sequence building up to a final moving climax.


A Christmas Space Odyssey: a story of hope.

All you have to do is download it, make as many copies as you need and go for it. And there are no fees to pay.



If you do decide to produce A Christmas Space Odyssey, please contact Barry Chant and let him know.


Dr Barry Chant, BA, BD, Dip Ed, D Min, PhD

Website: www.barrychant.com

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